Sunday, November 13, 2011

Today's PSP Show From UC Rebel Radio

1. "Boom Box" by Asamov -- "And Now"

2. "M.I.R.I.A.M." by Orelha Negra -- "Orelha Negra"

3. "The Romance of The Telescope (feat. Andrew Cedermark)" by Lushlife -- "No More
Golden Days"

4. "When The Night Falls (feat. Solange Knowles) [Mayer Hawthrone cover] by Chromeo

5. "Upstarts In A Blowout" by Cody Chestnutt "The Headphone Masterpiece"

6. "Dots On Maps" by Say Hi -- "Um, Uh Oh"

7. "All To All" by Broken Social Scene -- "Forgiveness Rock Record"

8. "I Would Die 4 You" by Prince -- "Purple Rain"

9. "Bicycle Theme" by Simian Ghost -- "Lovenorn"

10. "Witch" by Maps & Atlases -- "You Me and the Mountain"

11. "Seashore" by Ora -- "Ora"

12. "Survive It" by Ghostpoet -- "Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam"

13. "Lovely Bloodflow" by Baths -- "Cerulean"

14. "Son of a Gun" by Lord Huron -- "Mighty" EP

15. "They Always Fly Away" by Blouse -- "Blouse"

16. "Dor e dor" by Tom Ze -- "Se O Caso E Chorar"

17. "Peace, Love and Happiness (feat. SayLove)" by ShinSight Trio -- "Moonlight Sunrise"

18. "We're A Winner" by The Impressions -- "The Anthology (1961-1977)"

19. "Cherrystones" by Eugene McDaniels -- "Outlaw"

20. "Big Morning" by Aloha -- "Some Echoes"

21. "A Love Bizarre" by Dump -- "That Skinny Motherfucker With The High Voice?"

22. "Love Dog" by TV On The Radio -- "Dear Science"

23. "The Perfect Storm (feat. Larry Graham)" by Raphael Saadiq -- "Stone Rollin'"

24. "Take Me Back" by Humbel Pie -- "Town And Country"

25. "Beehive State" by Harry Nilsson -- "Nilsson Sings Newman"

26. "Living Without You" by Randy Newman -- "Randy Newman Creates Something"

27. "Sometimes" by Bilal -- "Gilles Peterson (BBC Sessions)"

28. "Amelie" by Carney -- "Mr. Green Vol. 1"

29. "[Untitled Track]" by Arthur Russell -- "First Thought Best Thought"

30. "Changes" by Cymande -- "Promised Heights"

31. "Part iv (aka Come Sunday)" by Duke Ellington and His Orchestra -- "Black, Brown & Beige"

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